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(Casp {They/She})
22 / Other / In a Relationship
I don't actually live there, but Texas is a pretty, Texas - United Kingdom
Hey there! Nice to meet you, I'm Casp! Or perhaps you've known me as Vita, or Kat or some other variation of the name. I've been on this site for quite a while and have been roleplaying for even longer!

I'd like to warn you first and foremost that I don't often accept new requests. I have a certain taste and style I prefer for writing, and I already have a couple good plots entertaining me for the meantime. I appreciate you having a look regardless!

Feel free to send a request, but as a quick rundown of my rules, I may not accept you for the following;
- Under 18. I prefer to involve mature themes in my RP's, and although they don't involve /that/ kind of intimacy, I'm more comfortable writing with people of age.
- One Liners. I go large with writing, and find it's only satisfying if my partner does the same. Nothing against one-liner roleplays, it's just not for me!
- Canon Characters in Fandoms. Again, nothing against those who do RP with already existing characters, but I love writing to figure out the character you've made! What their quirks and secrets are; it's just part of the fun!
- Child Characters. Under no circumstances will I involve in a story with a main child character.

Even if you do not meet any of those reasons, I may still decline requests for the simple reason that I'm not looking. I do ask that if you've noticed I have declined your request, please do not send more than two total. I don't enjoy an inbox full of constant requests.

Well, if nothing else, I hope you have a wonderful day! It was lovely meeting you!

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Latest Questions

CASPIAN asked the question
Q. Is cereal soup? Yes? Otherwise, why not?
A. Cereal is not soup! Soup is warm and makes you feel nice on cold days.... Cereal is killer good for starting your day... teehee... get it? Killer?
 May 4th 2020 06:58

Latest Comments

You’re a Wildflower in a harsh world, growing in flora surrounding sometimes so unhinged and swirled. With your grace and simplicity comes with the demeanour exuding fragility - appearing weak yet actually being covertly resilient. Withstanding the fervour of life and resisting the temperature of a poison so astringent, you’re something to be taken care of, to be loved, through your continual change, for your beauty so strange.

Whether under the care of someone fair or simply by yourself,
Fare well, Wildflower, as you always have.
May 21st 2020 23:46

An old friend, I see.
Here, first take a flower from me.

Hold it tight, and hold it up to the light.
Shower it kind generosity, for due to its fragility,
it can always catch that one pesky blight.

I hitherto remember your words that day,
when you forgave Old Vlad who was always in vain.

Despite all his silly mind games,
you simply let him off, just no more lies,
and he really thanks you for that.

He never wanted to lose you, in true fact, Kit Kat.

I hope you can still care, about the words you and I used to share; may we talk, and take a walk, reminisce all the characters we now outwear.

Will you accept this flower, as a sign of new friendship, from me?
Nov 16th 2019 04:28