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(Astrid Eydissen)
113 / Female / Single
"In darkness you seek
A soothing, calm serenity.
In darkness we watch
Waiting, wondering, knowing
That one day, when all hope is lost...
You will succumb to our embrace."


In old Viking lore there exists stories of creatures capable of everlasting life, youth and longevity.
Borne of magic and sustained by blood, they still linger in the shadows as creatures of the night.
Astrid is one such creature.


21+ Only. Dark, mature themes. Not for the faint of heart.
Multiparagraph to novella only please.

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Brought before her, on their knees. A choice is made. To drink and bring death...or unnatural life?
Only she decides..
1  Jan 18th 2019 07:33

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