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WholesomeOne's Blog

The Failed Hero

I’ve seen a lot of people doing superhero based roleplays on here, and I got inspiration for one the other night. Because who needs sleep when you can come up with starters, right?

A has the ability to use any power, except he can’t actually “use” any of them. B is a weak hero or a hero wannabe with no powers. Out of the kindness of their heart, B gives A a bottle of water. Overjoyed, A gives B the temporary ability to manipulate water.

Thus, the epic journey of the overpowered A that can only give his powers to others, and only certain powers when he is in the right mood or ate the right food, and B, the kindhearted but powerless hero begins.

***Just some ideas

B: “A! A! I made some food for you.”
A: Takes a bite, his face turning pale as he slumps over.
B: “A, are you okay?!”
A: “...rooms...”
B: “Huh?”
A: “Are there mushrooms...?”
B: “Um, yeah...”
A: “I hate gross..” A becomes queasy
B: “A, get ahold of yourself!” A purple viscous liquid shoots from her hand. “What the-? A, is this poison?!”
A: Dramatically slumps to the ground.
Random character C: “Oh my god, you guys are so dramatic.”
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The Assassin Type-II

The assassin is hired to kill your character and slips into her room while she’s asleep. Instead of instantly following through with the assassination, he stops to admire her beauty. This mistake costs him, as your character’s guards are able to capture him and lock him away.

This is a dark romance, in that your character’s guards are welcome to torture my character. Your character is the only person that shows him kindness as they slowly fall for each other. Will they work together to destroy the person that hired my character to kill yours, or will my character get elevated to a position of power by marrying yours? Only the story knows.
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The True Tale of Lucifer

"Love the humans above yourselves and your brothers." That was the decree that destroyed my life and turned me into Earth's number one bad guy. Let me ask you this, though. Could you love a bunch of ants above your friends and family? I'm not trying to look down upon you humans, but in terms of raw power and ability, angels are above you. Angels were my family. Who can truly blame me for choosing myself and my family over this new species?

Being cast into Hell was a huge betrayal for me. I defended my loved ones, only to lose them forever. I can never go back home, and my family is too afraid to associate with me now. The family members that loved me enough to come with me ended up becoming grotesque versions of themselves and like me, can never return home.

I tried to prove myself by doing good deeds for the humans. I offered them good deals without realizing that my father had been the one to finalize my contracts. No matter how fairly I draft them, he always turns it into something underhanded and vile. That was when I wised up and began adding my own tricks. If anyone can best me, they can get out of their end of the deal. Daniel Webster was the first human that I tried this with. He had some amazing musical talent, I must admit. However, I wish he wouldn't have gloated and villainized me as much as he did afterward.

I have become someone notoriously hard to deal with. Requests for contracts are coming in far less nowadays. I'm bored in my kingdom. Maybe it's about time I try to wander the Earth again.


Ideas for this story:
-Your character needs a miracle and attempts to summon Satan.
-Your character becomes friends with Lucifer before knowing who he is and later makes a deal with him.
-Your character has suffered the human equivalent of what Lucifer did and they bond over it. He protects your character.
-Anything else. I'm open to suggestions.
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The Incubus

Ostracized by demons and feared by humans, Vane is a flawed incubus. Having been born asexual, he gains his powers from affection. Weak and depressed, Vane entered Hawthorne Academy; a school for supernatural beings. His hope in attending the academy is that he can find a way to overcome his flaws and manage his powers. Instead, he finds a source of affection when forced into a group project.
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The Betrayal

“This ends now, Xiao Nai!” Wu Fei roared, swinging his blade downward.
“Wu Fei, why?” Xiao Nai choked out as Wei Da shoved him out of the way, Wu Fei’s blade sinking into his shoulder.

The rain began to pour on the battlefield as Xiao Nai stared up at his former retainer. “Wu Fei...” He breathed, watching as the blade was pulled from Wei Da’s shoulder. Wu Fei swung the blade, sending Wei Da’s blood flying, only for it to splatter across the ground.
“Xiao Nai, run!” Two of Xiao Nai’s soldiers rushed to intercept Wu Fei.
“Thank you. You shall not be forgotten.” Xiao Nai pulled Wei Da’s good arm over his shoulders and carried him off of the battlefield. “Fall back!” Xiao Nai called, his orders met with the sound of horns—the signal to retreat.

Why had Wu Fei betrayed us? Is there any way back to how things once were?

Xiao Nai has been framed by an ambitious General that hopes to claim Xiao Nai’s position for himself. If he were to succeed, he could get close enough to the Emperor to usurp the throne.

This is an action/adventure roleplay, though romance is possible.

The inspiration for this roleplay came from @Cataclysmic
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