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(Johnny Gray)
114 / Other / In a Relationship
North Carolina - United States
"If I added you as a friend, you are my friend. Feel free to message me just to talk, or ask if I'd like to play games with you. I know this is impossible with such a massive friend list, but I want to get to know each and every one of you. You are my friends, so don't be a stranger." -WholesomeOne

Hey there,

My name is WholesomeOne, though you are welcome to call me by whatever character you know me as. A few things about me:

-I favor romance roleplays, especially of the slow burn variety. Even though romance is my favorite genre, I don't like for it to be the main genre, as the story can quickly get stale.

-I don't do N*FW roleplays. If I am doing a romance roleplay with you, my goal is not to have our characters sleep together. I want to build a strong and dynamic relationship.

-I am a working college student, so my reply times may not be as often as you would like.

-I am a graphic designer and I have two t-shirt shops:

-I do have a discord account, as well as a server I am a part of and would be more than happy to add you to it.

Question? Comments? Feel free to ask away.

Latest Status

I apologize for my lack of activity. I'm really struggling with classes and motivation in general. I'd love to tell you when I'll return, but at the moment, I'm not really sure.
2  23 hours ago

Latest Questions

Phynie asked the question
Q. s c o o b y s n a c c . . .
A. R u h r o h . . .
 Feb 3rd 2020 20:18

Q. Are you enjoying our roleplay so far? Sorry if I sometimes don’t write as much or end up repeating things... today has been quite the day.
A. I am, though I feel like young Johnny is all over the place. I have him down to a science as an adult, but he just feels sloppy to me right now.
 Jan 23rd 2020 00:41

Latest Comments

Jan 27th 2020 17:46

How are doing? I miss our roleplay and you! lol
Jan 24th 2020 19:18

Aww that’s actually so sweet... I’m going to head off soon though just so you know
Jan 23rd 2020 02:05

Thanks for adding me, bby. ;)
Jul 16th 2019 11:12

I'm well a bit tired from working two jobs but good otherwise
May 29th 2019 15:13

Hey, hows it going? How are you doing? How was your vacation?
May 29th 2019 13:38

I'm free to now if you like.
Apr 9th 2019 11:40

Hope we can rp.
Apr 9th 2019 11:12

Literally the only person I stay up late to answer because you’re up at ungodly hours of the night. But hey, who needs sleep anyways?
Oct 18th 2018 19:52 If you're a fan of the genres original, supernatural, and romance, feel free to join.
Oct 14th 2018 21:51