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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Don’t. Rush. Me. That is the most surefire way to make me hate roleplaying with you and want to leave the site again. Christ...
Mood: annoyed
6  2 hours ago

Latest Questions

A. No. If they want me to convert everything to the metric system, I will do it. I'm not learning anything if you do my work for me.
 Feb 23rd 2021 11:38

Q. hey do you want to either continue our RP or start a new one by chance? I miss RPing with you, I still have the logs from our old one if you wanna continue.
A. Maybe start a new one. I’m not entirely sure what more to do with our old one. If you have some plot twists in mind, I wouldn’t mind continuing.
 Oct 25th 2020 23:19

Latest Comments

Definitely in my top 5 of writers, for sure. Maybe even top 3. Friend this guy, what’re you doing, just lurking on his profile? Pft. You fools. His writing is worth the wait.
Mar 2nd 2021 06:50

No u <3
Dec 2nd 2020 04:52

hey I am glad to hear from you, I hope you're doing alright! much love~ <3
Oct 6th 2020 10:03

Awww thankyou! My heart ^^
Jul 15th 2020 20:07

Jan 27th 2020 17:46

How are doing? I miss our roleplay and you! lol
Jan 24th 2020 19:18

Aww that’s actually so sweet... I’m going to head off soon though just so you know
Jan 23rd 2020 02:05

I'm well a bit tired from working two jobs but good otherwise
May 29th 2019 15:13

Hey, hows it going? How are you doing? How was your vacation?
May 29th 2019 13:38

I'm free to now if you like.
Apr 9th 2019 11:40