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(Weiss Schnee)
21 / Female / Single
Vale, United Kingdom
“I'm not siding with anyone. I'm doing what I feel is right, and that does not include wasting my time up here with these clueless people in Atlas. The Schnee family legacy isn't yours to leave. It's mine, and I'll do it as a Huntress.“

Weiss Schnee is a rebel, a badass with a purpose. Slayer of the Grimm, and fellow member of team RWBY. Though she may be as cold as ice to people who aren’t her teammates, you can always get to know her! Her weapon of choice is a sword known as a rapier, but it is infused with dust. The weapon’s name is Myrtenaster.

Weiss is part of team RWBY; Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang. They’re a very well known team who have made more than a..few enemies during their adventures.

(OOC; Always looking for mains, you don’t even have to be from Team RWBY, though it would be nice to have a full team. :) Also, I only participate in romantic roleplays with female presenting characters. I tend to be selective with who I add. )

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