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(James 'Bucky' Barnes)
105 / Male / In Love
. - United States

To make things simpler, Here is some info:

Minors, yeah Kid. I'm talking to you. DNI. I don't interact with minors.

Bucky is Bi Male Leaning and is currently in a relationship. He is extremely loyal and will not be romanticly interested in your character.

Nope, Don't ask me for Sm*t. If that is your endgame, count me out and move along.

I will try to be inclusive to all who engage but I'm one person. Please do not think I am ignoring your character if I am finishing dialog with another. Its annoying and frustrating.

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God he was nervous. Reservations had been made, the gift was wrapped and tucked away. He'd even put on a nice suit. A hand moved over his face. It was Steve's first birthday back in his life. He had to make it special.
Mood: nervous
4  Jul 4th 2022 10:57

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