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(Sapphire Dream)
20 / Female / Its Complicated
Everywhere, United States
Account was delete, used to be mystic love now I'm Sapphire Dream always loved the colors.


1) I will never, ever ever use live people such as actors or models. All of my charades and their images are something I made either with an app or by my own hands. If you don't like it you know where the door is.

2) Please write more than one or two sentences, if it's a conversation I don't mind but it's hard if I don't have more. I don't like carrying the entire roleplay by myself.

3) I'm bi-sexual but not dominant, at least not in the bedroom, don't ask me to be dom, I'm either a sub or an equal.

4) I have a job that may take me away for days at a time, sometimes with short notice, I'll try to post something on status of i have time but I won't message you individually.

5) NO ONE UNDER 18. I play with mature, dark and triggering content of you are under 18 I won't even consider you.

6) Finally you add you talk first and I'll return the same courtesy.

If you don't like how I do things again there's the door. Please respect me and I'll do the same.

I'm doing something a little different than my last profile, every picture will be linked to a blog and vice versa, it's not a character bio but possible plot, or at the very least a base. Thank you for your time.

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Account was deleted, don't know why but I'm back and ready to kick ass
2  Nov 22nd 2020 07:36

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