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(Kirishima Eijirou)
16 / Male / Single and Looking
Yo I Am Kirishima Eijirou and I am in Class 1-A!

@kacchan Is My Bitch...or more so...I am his bitch..But Whatever! Back Off He's Mine!

I am Actually looking for other Bakubros Out there! I am Straight as a Circle! If you don't get that..IM GAY.. So Sorry Ladies, Only Accepting Boys, Unless you play as A male!

I am Mainly Looking for MxM, KiriBaku, Or other fandoms Out there. I am Open for anything to be honest, and Am Willing to make plots!

I Don't have any rules Besides "Don't Be An AssHole and Have fun" You no likey, Then I'm sorry there Is nothing I can Do :P

(More to be added later)

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//Another 18 and older!!!
1  4 hours ago

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Though, you’d probably have to prove it sooner or later *Looks down*
May 16th 2019 04:39

Fine, I’ll let you be the man! For now at least.
May 16th 2019 04:36

*Mumbles beneath my breath* Maybe I do like you being the dominant one~
May 16th 2019 04:33

That’s only because I’m letting you! *Growls*
May 16th 2019 04:29

*Blushes again, kissing your lips gently* j-just so you know idiot.. I’m the man here, got that?!
May 16th 2019 04:25

*Gives off a smug grin, hugging you back* Lay off the hugs.
May 16th 2019 04:21

What do you think dumb hair? Of course I want to be with you!
May 16th 2019 04:17

I’m yours and you’re mine.
May 16th 2019 04:14

I’m not cute! Cute is for soft people.
May 16th 2019 04:10

*Huffs, squeezing my eyes shut as my cheeks turn a bright red* d-don’t make me flustered again dumbass!
May 16th 2019 04:07