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(Erik Sevril)
26 / Male / Single
Concord, New Hampshire - United States
I have been many things in my relatively short life.

Being a child of the '90s, I spent my teenage years wandering around New Hampshire as well as the larger New England area, much to my parent's dismay. While I had done well in my studies, they were worried about the lack of purpose and drive in my extra-curricular life.

"Why don't you get a job boy?" my father would always ask, "When are you gonna stop wandering around those damn woods and provide something to society?"

My mother was no help either. "You know, one of the reasons your sister did so well in college was because she pushed herself now," she would say at the dinner table, making the already long day even longer, "you're a smart boy Erik. Push yourself and you can be even better."

So it was no surprise that when I turned eighteen, I joined the United States Army (without telling my family of course) as a field medic, where I served for nearly six years before being discharged for various reasons.

The war took much from me. My hand, my leg, and part of my very soul.

I was a medic, but I found I had done more harm than good.

As part of my therapy, not necessarily suggested to me by a psychologist but instead my own idea, I began to write. I did not write my feelings, I had done plenty of that during my teenage years, but instead I wrote stories and poems.

I wrote about many things. Love, loss, regrets, and hope as well as many other things. These were never published anywhere, which frankly is proof that there is someone watching over me, but it did give me an idea. I would become an author.

It made sense, at least to me and at the time. I certainly had plenty of life experience, and I've seen more in six years than most see in their entire lifetime. So, I began to write stories (most left in my wastebasket) and tried to publish them. But so far, I'm still unpublished.

But a few publishers aren't going to stop me from achieving my dreams. I still write, I still send stuff in, and I even write some stuff and put it up on the internet from time to time. I don't let things like momentary failure get me down.

For I am many things.

A Warrior
A Doctor
An Explorer
But most importantly, a Poet

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