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(Laurina Salverson)
28 / Female / Single
Skiringssal, Norway, United Kingdom
— Laurina Frigga Salverson; Lady Stoneheart
Shield Maiden, Viking Warrior, Woman of War. Commander. Fierce leader on the battlefield. The Lioness of the North, Dreamer, Viking Queen of Skiringssal, Born in Skiringssal, Norway. Lover of @The_White_Wolf and @NinMeathorAran

Been fighting with a sword and shield from a very young age and has never lost a battle after years and years of brutal training from the skills and mind of her father who was slaughtered with his Viking men in a battle of blood against the royals. Laurina's skills as a combatant and shield-maiden were the result of hard work and determination. Her determination and drive to become strong.

Her mother heartbreakingly died during labour after giving birth to her and that’s weighed down on her ever since, the times of medieval are the cruellest and dangerous but she fights through it like the warrior she’s born to be and nothing will never stand in her way. Laurina is vicious to those whom she deems enemies and she is also shown to be impulsive at times, and never hesitates when attacking those she views as her enemies, and never seems to consider the consequences of her actions.

Has a future connected with Geralt of Rivia @The_White_Wolf

— More to add soon.

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@WarriorMaidenOfWar "Happy valetinesday my Queen"~❤
1  Feb 14th 2020 05:02

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Geralt had read about the curse of a banshee, There is a cure but it would be the death of the person who is cursed with the banshee. They where finally in private, As Geralt faced the Queen as he could not lie.

"This banshee became active within my presence. A banshee only become active underneath a lot of stress to protect her hostess. Woman are turning against each other,. If you want more help keeping this banshee in controll, There is a witch in your forest powerfull and experienced to guide you.. But. I can not stay here as this will happen again. I do not want to bring this all in danger, All what you've build up in the good sake of your people. You are a good woman.. Keep faith in your dreams.. Your ways.. I care about you.. And can't do this to you"

He sigh deep as he never had felt home somewhere before, But he could not bring her future in danger. He went with his hand touch her hair for one last time, And went away. Din't look back anymore and kept on walking. He found his stuff packet it and rides away with the most heavy heart he ever felt.
Jan 18th 2020 09:39

Geralt groaned once the air knocked out his lungs, It toke a short moment before he had air in his lungs again and used his magical trap to get the dark spirit in controll inside the Queen. As the dark spirit finally calm down again and Laurina was herself. Geralt stand up and said.

"We need to talk..."
Jan 18th 2020 06:20

It was finally that Geralt and Laurina started their training, Both were already training their children, All through life trained to be the best with a sword. It started as a gray day, Thick clouds covered the sun. But Koningnin and the witcher didn't mind that. They have several things in common. Their origin, Geralt may be a witcher, but his father came from the Viking community. He was not at all strange to the culture .. That's why he quickly felt at home in the big city of Queen Laurina. If both can finally fight each other, It doesn't matter how small and light Laurina is, or how big and heavy Geralt is. Both started their fight but could not stop. Even when a storm came. The soil became muddy and slippery. Laurina managed to get Geralt out of balance. He fell to the ground but kept his sword at all times so that Laurina could not win too easily. As she got closer, Geralt kicked her leg so that she fell too. He rolled over to her knees and wanted to hit. They were two shield maidens who had to take them apart. Because Laurina reacted to her frustrations because the women she cared for turned against each other since Geralt is with them.
Jan 18th 2020 04:54