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(Wally West)
24 / Male / Single
Keystone City, Missouri - United States
"Now I understand. You play the fool to hide a warrior's pain."

"Dude, the bad guys went down and no one got hurt. Y'know what I call that? A really good day."

- Orion & The Flash, Justice League Unlimited Season 3 Episode 5

Teen Titan, Justice Leaguer and of course, Fastest Man Alive, Wallace Rudolph West is the original Kid Flash as well as the third man to take on the mantle of The Flash, succeeding Jay Garrick along with his uncle and mentor, Barry Allen.

After recreating the accident that endowed his predecessor with super speed, Wally burst onto the crime fighting scene as Kid Flash and soon went onto found the Teen Titans alongside fellow sidekicks, Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Aqualad.

Hot headed, over confident and often times inappropriately flirtatious as a young man, Wally was soon forced into maturity following the death of Barry Allen, leaving the fiery haired youth to take up the mantle of The Scarlet Speedster. While not exactly outgrowing the aforementioned traits, Wally now knows when to put the breaks on his motor mouth and will never turn his back on someone in need, whether they be family, an innocent bystander or even a criminal with potential to be redeemed.

Determined to live up to a decades long legacy, Wally now patrols the streets of Central and Keystone City, fighting the likes of Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd and Zoom while fending off intergalactic threats with the renowned Justice League of America.


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"Even the Fastest Man Alive needs a pit stop every once in a while. Now if you'll excuse me, I got a date with my bed."
6  Nov 23rd 2020 00:08

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Whoop—phone’s chirping. Hard to hear the buzzing over all that hectic New York traffic below. The air filled with honking horns and curse words from cabbies yelling at bike couriers.

Peter receiving the text ten stories up on the side of a gigantic signpost on the side of a pillow factory. Bagel in his mouth, work slacks and Nikes hi-tops on. Wearing a Spider-Man mask, but rolled up at the bridge of his nose so he could eat the bagel. Camera swinging from his neck.

Shocker, huh? Good ole paranoid, unspeakably dangerous Herman Schultz. Out of prison and no doubt reunited with his vibro-shock gauntlets that could level entire buildings. Really looking forward to throwing down with –that- lunatic again. Crumble a building in the middle of rush-hour traffic. Send a helicopter spiraling down right over your head. Possibilities with his stupid murder weapons were endless.

…Okay, incredibly well-crafted murder weapons. The scientist in Peter couldn’t help but admire Herman’s gift for engineering, crackpot he may be.

Quick text back on a touch-screen iphone. Type, type.

“Sure. Can’t keep these moments of wallowing in my own self-pity to myself. LOLS. Seriously, kill me now.

“Jokes. Course you can crash here, buddy. Not evicted yet, but give my luck a few days to kick in, hah, hah. Which one of your goons is it hanging with my goons? We gotta break up the party.”
Jun 25th 2020 11:28

“What if you put it up my nose? That’s kinda some sort of middle ground we can agree on, right? I’d be itching it a lot though and that’d make me look like I’m picking my nose, so maybe not all that good of an idea, scratch that.;;”

“I think I remember you telling me about Batman and his weird Robin watching things.” He looked up, trying to see his hand. “Haha, birdwatching! Could call it that. With me you could call it Storm Chasing.”

Bart’s bright demeanor quickly changed to something a little more down. Why was it always him that was getting scolded? Well, granted the other youngsters got their share too, but this just felt ridiculous. The guilt trip was the WORST.

“Yeah, I know… hey, would you forget all of this happened and shove your criticism under the rug if I told you I found a cool rock for you on my adventure?” He flashed a grin; one that could only be shown after his normal attempt at talking around situations. He even surprised himself with how he could do that.
May 9th 2020 00:17

“I mean, that could be cool. Not IN me, that would be kinda weird. Like, what if somehow some Big Bad got hold of the tracker and started controlling me or stalking me?”

His imagination soared, striking yellow eyes darting to the left. “And not ON me? Wouldn’t IN me hurt? Well, I guess not if done right, but I dunno how versed you are in stuff like that.” Impulse contemplated all of this as if it was actually gonna happen.

“Besides! Adventures are best done in secrecy…” He raised an eyebrow, pretending to hide behind a cape, eyes moving left and right above his arm. “In the shadows… muahahaha… I’ve been practicing my mystery laugh. Pretty spot on, I know.”
May 8th 2020 23:49

A random flash of red and yellow zipped around Wally, before coming to a screeching halt in front of the other, Bart's arms being thrown around the fellow speedster.

“Hey Wall Street Journal! How’ve you been???” Definitely eager for a response. There was no doubt the smaller missed one of his favorite people on earth.
May 8th 2020 22:15

|| Thank you for accepting Wally.
Mar 26th 2020 16:55

Thanks for the add friend
Feb 21st 2020 02:21

Happy holidays.
Dec 5th 2019 17:51

“I’ll leave the racing to you and Clark.” Turning away from Wally’s window, facing the fire escape. “Sentiment’s appreciated.”

Flash of lightning. Fleeting moment of his leather cape disappearing over the metal railings. Gone in the next instant.

Out of all of the Justice League, by whatever definition of friendliness qualified for someone who spent most of his time brooding in isolation, Batman seemed closest to Wally. Who, after chasing everything in a skirt and cracking jokes at wildly inappropriate moments, had the brain of a scientist and the skills of a police officer.

And though Batman never admitted it out loud, Wally’s ability to see the humor in things wasn’t just appreciated, but made him the heart of the team.

When you’re dealing with genius entrepreneurs who commit crimes and regularly attempt to murder your friends with kryptonite and turn soldiers into cyborgs and –always- get away with it, you better have someone who can see the bright side of things. Fill your days with homicidal clowns and terrorists capable of holding entire cities hostage with riddles or deformed gangsters who’ve killed in the dozens and then run political campaigns and actually win and try to remain as optimistic as Wally West.

The Batman often let his deadly serious expressions cloak his respect for his good friend. Nonetheless, the respect was always there.


[A half hour later.]

The warehouse on the corner of Gardner and Fox was comprised of dilapidated brick and boarded windows. You could see the assembly lines where they used to make pillows. Most of them now covered in rust. Old pipes coughed brown water. Reeds grew around pallets and storage racks. Vermin crawled out of dumpsters filled with broken crates and rotting purple vines.

Meeting Flash on its second floor, The Batman’s face finally grew human components and showed out of the shadows. Less film noir camouflage; more steel lantern jaw.

“We have a problem. You’ll never guess who’s sharing each other’s Facebook friends list.”
Removing an 8 x 11 photo from a manila envelope.
It showed a picture of Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze freezing a security guard.

“This was taken was a security camera at GothCorp Cryogenics. Fries had grown concerned with Nora’s progress of treatment while in stasis there. The two met at a stint in Blackgate. Your friend Captain Cold had a better place of care in mind for her.

“I’ve been able to deduce that they’re keeping her at a place in the Arctic while continuing to operate as a duo in my neck of the woods. Cold has talked Victor into hitting three different banks. The partnership seems mutually beneficial. My guess: Cold and his people tend to Nora’s care; Victor helps him take down big scores in Gotham. I’d estimate they’ve been able to walk away with two-point-five million at this point.”

Grim look.

“With increasing levels of violence and hostility towards innocent bystanders.”

Showed Flash a second glossy security camera photo: One bank teller with a chunk of his body smashed into ice cubes. His hand and bits of his fingers lay on the other side of the bank, clutching the remote alarm he’d been trying to trigger.

“I’ve gotten word they’re planning to hit an armored truck tomorrow. Normally I’d handle it myself, but this will be my first encounter with Cold. I’ve studied his movements on camera—“

Endlessly—through studious hours of security footage he illicitly acquired from Barbara, and reams of blueprints of analysis and black books full of scribblings thereafter—

“—But something tells me a man experienced in fighting a foe that runs at mach speed is going to be a handful. I’d rather minimize my risk and ask you to join me, Wally. I’ll need your help for this.”
Oct 15th 2019 00:49

// Thanks for the add.
Oct 4th 2019 03:01

Trickle of rain; brief flashes of lightning right outside Wally’s window. Pair of two-point-nine-lb. steel toed boots suddenly on his fire escape.

The figure wearing the boots big and imposing. Grapnel gun clutched in his right hand.

Its face a shapeless black nothing void of everything except for its gremlin’s eyes, opaque, missing irises. Rain traveled along the shape of its face—revealing it to be a mask—and along the contour of its leather cape.

It stared right at Wally with familiarity.
“We need to talk.”

That roughly translated into an apology for the impromptu visit.

“Point me to a place nearby good for meeting in private. I don’t know your city that well.”

And that was double-speak for sincerely meaning to be a better friend to Wally and visit Central City more often beyond Justice League-related emergencies and team-ups.

“Place where I can meet you within ten minutes. You’re the last person I have to tell to be quick about it.”

Possibly an attempt at a joke.

If The Batman ever told them.

Sitting in dark, dreadful silence, it was quite obvious he was very happy to see Wally again.
Sep 25th 2019 01:15