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(Kyle V)
17 / Male / Its Complicated
California - United States
My names Kyle. I'm the guy you're looking for.

Why is my status complicated? Well you see...
I fell in love with death.

MxM only. I dominate. You okay with that?
I'm a sucker for romance, even more so for plots around the medieval era. But I'm fine with modern.
Honestly, I'm willing to go along anything you're in the mood for as long we aren't f***ing without a plot and or we are but with animal ocs. I'm not into the furry thing.
Also, I'm happy to read about your Ocs. But I DO NOT have one myself. I like to build my character as we roleplay so I'm hoping that's fine.
I'm not a grammar Nazi but decent eNgRIsH please.
One liners? Sure. Just...

Make it interesting.

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