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23 / Male / Single
New Zealand
Hello there!

Welcome to my profile, I don´t really know what I should write here so I´ll just wait for you to send me a request and we´ll get into discussing some fun ideas!
I´m looking for some fun roleplay ideas, hope we can try some soon, and thanks for visiting my profile!

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Yes I am haha
Nov 14th 2020 18:51

Thank you!
Nov 3rd 2020 12:53

Thank you for adding me ♥
Oct 10th 2020 00:56

I miss daddy :(
Aug 31st 2020 18:15

Thanks daddy, I´m all yours <3
Aug 30th 2020 20:46

Of course.~
Apr 1st 2020 20:33

No, you didn't do anything wrong. I just haven't felt very inspired to write long responses and tbh I've been busy too.
Jan 28th 2020 00:11

Sep 5th 2019 21:12

Thank you for accepting me~! Hopefully we become great friends. Message me anytime lovely
Feb 6th 2019 11:17

No need to apologise it happens
Oct 11th 2018 23:50