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Let it slide? Never ever

He will never accept the fact he found someone that stronger than him, a person that just came from Earth and steal his image.
For his pride he wants revenge and to do that he asked Jackil and Dess to help him to find out the truth. His brothers are too much jerks to help him.
They are now in front of Lindemann's house to wait something strange.
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1 | 31 Comments | Oct 17th 2020 13:25


°When everything started to go that wrong?
I lost not only the position as captain, I lost my pride. That Theo... That jerk he took my place and also my friends.
How it is possible for a noone to beat me?°
He decided to go to ask Timm about his son and the answer was really confusing, one moment you haven't a son and the moment after you have one, a teen that has ore ability than an EG trainee. He decided to find out everything about him.

At the moment he goes at school trying to cover his face the more he can, he feels so ashamed of the fact he is no more in the team (Obviously he didn't accept any role if not captain).
He enters in the class with a cap to dover his face.
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2 | 23 Comments | Oct 15th 2020 14:53


Name: Maxime
Surname: Schultz
Age: 20 y/o
Position: EG

He wasn't sent directly to fight but since they heard about IAs fighting he was sent to see how the situation is and if they need EGs help.
During his time at the camp they got attacked by the enemies and he participated to the fight, he is not the kind that runs away in front of a battle.
Unfortunately they were too less to win and he was captured since they recognized he is an EG.
He is now tied, they thought to tie every arm not to let him free himself and obviously they took all the weapons.
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1 | 13 Comments | Jul 29th 2020 06:36


He is not a red panda nimox but a toucan.

He and Sin Jae are out of money, they had only the money that they can take before to escape and they are not accustomed not to spend it too much.

Their only idea now is how to steal money to someone. But who? They are not accustomed to steal so it should be someone that will not betray them.
Yeah they have to go to Carlie but she shouldn't know that it was them.
They organized it so that they can enter while she is outside and steal something.

They organized a plan:
Sin Jae would take her form, they will make them enter and then go out. Who will suspect that Carlie wants to steal something from Carlie?
But what can go wrong? What if Carlie returns home too early?

They followed the plan and while inside happened that Sin Jae fell asleep, he couldn't sleep well for days so that bed was like a sleeping pill. Aiden with the pockets full of gold at the moment is trying to wake him up. °You cannot do it. Do you want to die? Such a jerk°
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2 | 36 Comments | Jul 13th 2020 06:06


Yeah that time finally came.
Choose 1 among: you can change in different risps.
1 Ask a question about a pg
2 Invent a ship
3 Change a part of the story of the character
4 Ask funny things about the character
5 Strange dreams.

Make a list of the most good looking characters.
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1 | 20 Comments | Jul 10th 2020 10:18