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23 / Male / Single
United States
Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Zach and I am still new to roleplay so I can not wait to learn how to roleplay. Now I will have a few rules which I will have at the bottom of my bio in case you wish to know. I am here to of course roleplay but I am more then alright with just chatting as well. I am a friendly person but please undersrand if your rude, I can only be nice to a limit. I am fine with er*t*c stuff but please do not push the subject if I say no. I will reply to your messages the moment I am able because remember I do have things to do outside of this site.I do game so hey if your a gamer too and want to game together some time let me know, always nice to meet new gaming buddies. Now for the rules which are below.

1. Show respect and be polite
2. Please do not controll my character unless I say otherwise
3 After a month and a few poke messages and I have no reply I will unfriend you.
4. If I use actions in the first messages I am not in character, just using them for the actions so if you do not like, do not unfriend me just let me know to stop
5. Well that is the last rule but please send this in your first message so I know you read these, say King

Now I thank you for reading down this far and I hope we become good friends who either chat or roleplay, and who knows maybe even more. One can never truly know the future but the future is like the ocean, always changing and never the same. Well that is it, thank you for reading. Have a good day/night.

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