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(Vince Kelvin)
53 / Male / Single
Los Angeles, California - United States
(Seeking writers who are unafraid of a detailed, slow burn roleplay. Feel free to send me starters or discuss with me what you have on your mind in terms of my character and yours.)

European born and now L.A. based Vince Kelvin. Professional pick-up artist, dating coach and author.

Where do you start with this guy?

A man in his fifties with a style and appearance like he is half that age. That crazy-multi colored hair that begs to be noticed. Talkative to the point where he is unable to help being the center of attention and potentially annoying. Not particularly attractive. Yet everytime you see him he is with a new woman that's half his age and that looks like she wouldn't even give the time of day normally to a guy like him. Other men either hate him or want to be like him.

Oddly charming.
Crazy sense of humor.
Bizarrely fun to be around.
Confidence for days.

Will he see you when he is out and about today? At the club? At the park? On the street? With your boyfriend? Regardless of any situation you are in, he would LOVE to meet you.

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