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(Victoria Tini)
20 / Female / Its Complicated
Liberty Garden, United States
<Here to satisfy your canon verses needs with Ewok music provided>
You add you talk and don't be a ghost type.
Hii I'm Victory. I've been roleplaying the proper way for over ten years.
I do not accept furries, wrestling or people here that have sexual intentions.
Please do not flirt with me as your first line. I expect a HELLO in return.
I use literate rp style. ^^
I do canon x oc only for shipping.
ask me for verses. ^^
If I deny you twice do not send it a third time or else Bloody Mary will come and haunt you for life.
I do hope we can set up an rp very very soon.
I post triumphant quotes daily. :) Keep an eye out for them and like whatever ones that sent shivers down your spine UwU
<May the Force be With You>

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