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(Velvet Scarlatina)
21 / Female / Forever Alone
Vale, North Carolina - United States
Hello. My name is Velvet Scarlatina. I used to attend Beacon Academy, before it fell. Since then, me and my team, CFVY, have been helping people all around the kingdom of Vale the best we can. Now, of course, I am a rabbit faunus, and hell, so many people think it's cute, but you touch my ears without my permission, I'm kicking your ass.

@GunsNGlamour is my hot Coco, and if you touch her, you'll find out this rabbit has a kick

Latest Status

New record on Through the Fire and Flames! 80% On my way to that FC slowly!

Also, is there a mood for Carpal Tunnel?
4  Jun 8th 2019 17:05

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★ - grab my muse by the hips

A. Quick question, as in him reacting to her doing it?
 Jan 14th 2019 21:46

Q. ★ - grab my muse by the hips

Nala and Swift
A. Swift was feeling a bit playful today. He decided to approach his mate, and grabbed her hips, as he always did. "Why hello there."
 Jan 14th 2019 21:46

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1v1 Geralt right now.
Jan 1st 2019 22:09

Darn! Happens when you type too quickly!
Nov 8th 2018 10:33

Forgot about me? :3
Oct 9th 2018 13:18

Would love to hear from you!
Sep 28th 2018 08:54

Hey, would love to continue.
Aug 25th 2018 15:42

Hello. I am Mawii and you have added me as a friend. Please be sure to read my important info and rules. You can find my ocs on my blog (Or in my photos waiting to be added to the blog). Message for RP!
Jun 6th 2018 23:28

Jun 4th 2018 23:09

Take your time. I know you've been busy recently :)
May 1st 2018 14:46

I miss you and our RP. <3
May 1st 2018 10:22

I know! :( I'm sorry I always disappear.
Apr 6th 2018 07:24