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(Vector Roger)
31 / Male / Single
Louisiana - United States
I guess after two years being on this site, better late than never to write an my biography.

For the roleplayers:

I always various scenarios I would like to try but of course I'm always open to suggestions and working with you on ideas.

I'm a straight dominant male and I only play characters that reflect that (at least my primary character). Also, I only role play with straight submissive female characters. Nothing personal against anyone that falls outside of that spectrum but that is what I prefer.

Genres can range from slice of life, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia, adventure, war, etc. If not listed, feel free to ask!

More to add once I think of more details here.

Pet Peeves:

- Leave your egos at the door. I care little how 'popular' you on this site on any site. I've known, befriended, and hung around people more famous than you can ever dream of. Therefore, don't bring that around here! I respect people of all walks of life as long as you are willing to do the same for me.

- Misandry will NOT be tolerated with me at all! Not sure what it is, research it!

- If you have an issue, COMMUNICATE! Please do not assume what I might think or how I might judge you, I always start with an open eyes! Communicating with me about your concerns and frustrations in a civil manner will have a far more positive outcome instead of doing the opposite.

- Please no politics or religion talks with me (unless it's like a good roleplay idea)! My big issue with politics is the biases to each issue. I try to be considerate of both sides as I usually land in the middle.

- Regardless, I am who I am, always will be who I am (though I strive to be a better version of myself everyday), so don't try to change me to be something you want me to be.

"I don't wanna change the world. I don't want the world to change me." - Ozzy Osbourne.

Personal ("Admin"):

Who I am as a person I shall describe very vaguely. As a child, I was hyper though as I became a teenager, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues. I grew up in a society surrounded by poverty, school dropouts, violence, drugs, abuse, and just overall trash.

I couldn't read my native language (English) until I was 7 years old. I was introduced to video games in the early 1990s by the uncle of then upcoming pop star Britney Spears (Never met her. Don't ask!). I failed two grades, got "socially promoted" twice (Where you fail the grade but they just push you to the next grade anyway. This was when US President George W. Bush was pushing the 'No Child Left Behind Act'). However, I had a heart to heart talk with my father one day and started greatly improving in my studies. Several years later, I went accelerated and graduated a year ahead of my graduating class! However, it would be almost a decade later before I would finally obtain my Bachelor's in Science in Information Technology.

私は二本木はわかる。だけど、日本語がじょおすじゃりません! 白人ですよ(日本人でない)だけど、たはいつも私に日本語を話すことができます!

My biggest hobby is music! I love listening to music and working on compositions. I was taught how to sing in both primary and high school (public school). I can play guitar and bass proficiently. Piano I am decent at (keyboards I'm stronger on). Drums is my weakest area (primarily a drum-kit). However, I learned how to write drum rhythm and patterns myself to accommodate my songs (when I record my guitar riffs, it helps my performance stay tight and consistent). When I initially went to college, I actually started as a music major and was half-way through my Associate of Arts in Music before dropping out. I learned how to read standard notion during my primary school years and learned Music Theory during my time in college.

With that last part being said, there is a big announcement with my music in the works but I was asked to keep it private in the mean time (updates to come hopefully soon!!!)

WARNING: I will admit I am a f***ing music SNOB! I own up to it 100%. However, I'm not a snob arbitrarily. I always give stuff a listen and can point out things I find the positive and negatives in a song that I sincerely love or genuinely hate. If you ever wish to show me something, be warned that I may or may not see it on the same level as you do. I may come off as an elitist in some situations but you may be surprised that I will also defend songs and bands that people love to hate (example: Winger's debut album. So many people love to make fun of Kip Winger's ballet skills while playing bass guitar and singing at the same time to melodic music. However, most of his critics and their idols don't have near the talent he and his guitarist Reb Beach have! If you never heard it, it is worth a listen!).

That's all I am going to discuss about myself currently.

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