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25 / Male / In a Relationship
Black Hole, . - United States
Hello everyone, and welcome to my little corner of the world. It might be small, but there is a lot I can offer. At least I hope so.

Unlike what the profile says, I am not new to the website. And less so new to Role-Playing. I have been writing for 16+ years.

If that at all intrigues you, then please run by the blog labeled “Rules” that way you can get to know how I write, and see if we would make a good match with writing.

When it comes to Role-Plays, I am still open to accepting new people and stories. I am looking for Role-Plays with story lines, and something that will last a while, rather than something that will end rather quickly.

If you think you would be interested in writing with me, or at the very least talking and possibly becoming friends, please end me a request and we can get started. Also, if you add me, send me a message first. If I add you I will do the same.

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