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=Weapon Examples=

Here is some examples of firearms, for those who aren't as familiar with them.
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-Regarding Technologies.-

The technology of this world isn't very different from our own, since it only takes place in the near future of 2032. But, It does have some 'futuristic' tech. I will list a few here.

"Blitz Armor"
Blitz Armor, Juggernaut Suits, Power Armor, it has many names. It's only recently become a reality, and many nations are keeping suits they have under wraps as much as possible. As such, it's only seen on very classified operations, and is barely known to the general public. Blitz Armor uses an exoskeleton to provide a strength increase to the user, while simultaneously holding an armored suit on top to protect both the exoskeleton and the user. As such, the armor is bulky, but capable of enough movement to be used in conjunction with "normal" infantry. The armor also allows for the use of heavy weapons with much more ease. However, the suit is expensive and requires maintenance between uses.

Adaptive Camouflage:
A-Camo, Invisibility Cloaks, Chameleon Gear, these coats, or plates, depending on the system, can actively change color to match the surroundings. Only with enough power to last about an hour, this high-end camouflage was only seen recently in use by Ronin Tactical Squads from the JSDF Special Forces. The camouflage uses Electronic Ink, a type of electric paper, to quickly change colors and adapt to the surroundings with cameras.
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|Gear basics|

A soldier's best friend is their helmet. After all, it protects the most important part of the body, their head. Originally made of metal, these days they are composite materials, sandwiched carbons and metals, sometimes even ceramics, and most often, Kevlar. Helmets also provide a mounting point for flashlights, night vision devices, and sometimes extra armor, such as the Crye Precision Airframe's "Chops." Some soldiers however, dislike the weight and stick to hats or simply a headset.

Plate Carriers:
Plate carriers hold ceramic, metal, or composite plates, and are designed to protect your vital organs while allowing modularity, giving you the option to place whatever pouches you want, so long as there's room on the vest. Plate carriers vary in size, shape, and quality just as much as any other piece of equipment. Plate Carriers are most common in military forces, and have generally replaced chest rigs, though some prefer less weight, much like with helmets.

Chest Rigs:
Chest Rigs, meanwhile, don't have plates, and as such are much lighter, quicker, and have less bulk to deal with. However, they provide no protection whatsoever. They do however allow for a similar amount of modularity when compared to the Plate Carrier, sometimes even more due to the weight being less of a concern.

Battle Belts:
The Battle-Belt (Or Battle Belt, either way) isn't as common, and is more popular in airsoft or low-profile loadouts, and only really became popular in the last decade or so. They provide limited space, but allow maximum movement. Some will also wear a battle belt with their chest rig or plate carrier, though it's more cumbersome.

Knee & Arm Pads:
Knee and Arm pads can be important too. They provide support for when you are kneeling, and ensure no nails or other sharp objects manage to stab your joints. They also provide very limited protection from shrapnel or grazing shots.
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[The Setting.]

The year is 2032, and the world is on the brink. In Europe, Russia is split into civil war, one side the 'official' government, the other a totalitarian regime. To further their ultra-nationalistic views, the Rodina party is waging a two-way war, and has nearly crushed the last of the Federation's resistance, and has shifted it's gaze to the west.

In the far east, China has supported the Rodina in hopes of territorial gains, but hasn't sent military forces just yet officially, while Japan awaits any hostile actions patiently, nervously.

South of Europe, the middle east haw once again been broiled up into war as a new terrorist group vows to unite the middle east under a single authority through military action. Israel, as usual, is performing most of fighting against this threat.

And finally, even the Americas aren't even safe, as South America is at war with the United States, having been brought under the control of a cabal of drug lords. Fighting has become a stalemate in the jungles, with the US military debating on what the best course of action would be.

"At the end of the day, the world's f***ed two ways from Sunday. Our forces are spread thin as it is... That's why you are here."-Nicole
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{OSF Form}


The OSF is intended to give Strategic Command a good idea of your Operator's background, skillset, and average loadout in the case of service with [REDACTED]. Please answer as many questions as possible, to ensure a good representation of your Operator.

General rules:
1 Primary weapons include Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Carbines, Sniper Rifles, generally almost all weapons. Secondaries include Pistols, Compact SMGs, and small PDWs.
2 Please refrain from having 'Mary Sue' or 'Gary Stue' type characters, such as giving them inhuman strength, invulnerability, abilities such as telepathy, teleportation, and regeneration. The list goes on, but generally, have your character at the most be skilled in one or two specific areas, and be as generally realistic as the RP.
Armor levels are as follows, and not accurate to real life for the sake of simplicity.
Level I: Lightweight armor, usually used to stop two or three pistol rounds. However, it grants the user full maneuverability and ease of use. Typically only protects the vitals. Helmets are usually nonprotective at this level.
Level II: Level II armor is typically protecting the front and back of the Chest and Stomach areas, and can stop intermediate calibers such as 5.56 and 5.45mm rounds. However, 7.62 and larger calibered weapons can usually penetrate these vests. It still provides average movement and endurance to the user. Helmets will usually stop a pistol round at an angle at this level.
Level IIa: Level IIa is much like Level II, but provides extra protection to the sides of the torso and shoulders with shoulder pads.
Level III: Level III is heavy armor, typically weighing in at around 10 pounds, these armor plates can block a few battle rifle rounds, and easily take care of common carbine rounds. However, rifle rounds above 8mm can sometimes penetrate or heavily damage the vest. Helmets will block multiple pistol rounds, and can deflect a rifle round or two before taking serious damage.
Level IIIa: IIIa is the same as IIa, providing extra protection to the sides, shoulders, groin, and shins.
Level IV: Level IV is typically given only to those strong enough to wield it, and sometimes may require hydraulics or an exoskeleton to use properly. Able to shrug off most round types, Level IV Armor is usually reserved for specialty "juggernaut" units and for heavy assault teams from the superpowers of the world. Very few exist, and none are known by the public. Helmets here are extremely tough, and will block most bullets. Try aiming for weak points in the joints, face plate, and hands.
Full Name:
General body build:
Other details (Eye color, hair length, etc)

General personality:
General Morality/Alignment:
Way of thinking (straightforward, acting before thinking, etc):

Primary weapon:
Primary weapon modifications and attachments:
Secondary Weapon:
Secondary weapon modifications and attachments:
Armor Level:
Vest model & Description:
Helmet model & Description:
Non-Tactical clothing preferences:

Previous Deployments/Employment:
Skill sets:
training level, generally:
Likes and Dislikes:
Specific Traits:

On a scale of 0-20, 10 being average, 20 being bordering the edge of human capability.

[Image credit to NDTwofives]
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