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0  Oct 23rd 2021 14:06

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Q. Guks I’m boutta whoop you
A. It’s your turn
 Jun 25th 2020 18:20

Q. I love it.
 Aug 31st 2019 21:06

Latest Comments

Apr 11th 2018 23:06

Hey I'm chrome and if you haven't noticed I'm a rat faunus *wiggles rat ears and wags tail* and I was wondering if you wanna rp sometime?
Nov 26th 2017 01:27

Thank you for accepting, I hope we have some nice chats and rps!
Jan 13th 2017 08:58

Jan 13th 2017 08:12

sorry had to eat
May 3rd 2016 18:58

Sorry, I went to eat. Lol, I'm back now
May 2nd 2016 19:07

Thanks for the request! Message me if you wanna rp or anything else.
Nov 9th 2015 14:00

care to pick a character out of my blogs you would like me to use?
Mar 1st 2015 19:04

Wanna rp?
Mar 1st 2015 17:50