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(Thomas Anderson)
26 / Male / Single
Florida - United States Rules. I have learned you need them.

Hey. I'm urgigiguks. I'm known to be a wizard with a talking chair as a best friend. Well in an old timeline. Now I'm here looking to RP with people and have a fun time. NO ONE WORD REPLIES

Currently playing: trials of cold steel,Caligula effect, pillars of eternity and SWTOR

People I think are cool in some way, shape or form.

@MissHooligan we just finished an RP. It was one of the best RPs I've ever done and this is the most emotional one as well.
@Jrzag42 he's a cool dude who can truly WHAG.
@zed Interesting. We've had a really great RP.
@Luciel is a pretty good roleplayer. She is probably a lot better than me at judging things.
@Kenji is well kenji. Pretty nice.
@golem if I had to describe golem I'd say this: one of the most creative people I've met. Golem is amazing at creating worlds and ideas.

Well that's it. Hit that approve or add friend pls. Or don't it's a free country I'm not your boss.

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A blind, deaf, comatose lobotomy patient could feel my anger!
—Darth Baras
3  Oct 26th 2020 20:37

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Q. Guks I’m boutta whoop you
A. It’s your turn
 Jun 25th 2020 18:20

Q. I love it.
 Aug 31st 2019 21:06

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I have a fever. It sucks.
Sep 17th 2019 19:17

I'm alive uwu
Sep 16th 2019 19:09

Apr 11th 2018 23:06

Hey I'm chrome and if you haven't noticed I'm a rat faunus *wiggles rat ears and wags tail* and I was wondering if you wanna rp sometime?
Nov 26th 2017 01:27

understandable. She's lucky to have you
Feb 8th 2017 18:50

was that okay?
Feb 8th 2017 18:45

Thank you for accepting, I hope we have some nice chats and rps!
Jan 13th 2017 08:58

Jan 13th 2017 08:12

sorry had to eat
May 3rd 2016 18:58

Sorry, I went to eat. Lol, I'm back now
May 2nd 2016 19:07