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(Mimi Vu)
16 / Female / In a Relationship
Seattle, Washington - United States
Hello I’m your daughters best friend whom you’ve grown attached to these past couple of years. You often invite me on trips with you and the family making me feel as if I’m a part of it. On occasions you find it hard not to hold me or kiss on me In private, I then slowly start to realize my feelings for you as we begin a secret forbidden love affair behind your wife and daughters back <3


- Be kind

- Be original

- You add you talk

- No one liners

- No bullying

- Don’t spam me

- 1 to 2 paragraph replies or more

- Been here before if you recognize me you don’t need to remind me <3

- If you’re not liking the roleplay tell me

- Don’t control my actions in roleplay, implications work.

- Have fun! <3

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