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18 / Male / Single
                      Hello, welcome to my profile. I'll be doing
                    some N*FW roleplays, but before doing that you   
                    should know,

                               ・゜゜・I am male・゜゜・

                  The reason I state that up front being, people get angry
                 at me because I'm not a bratty girl... But, a bratty trap.
                                    (Φ ω Φ)

                   If you want to play, send a message and I'll get to it
                  as soon as I can, and for additional info keep reading.  

And before you ask, I'll play with men and women, as long as I'm always bottom, hehe. My kinks include B*SM, being a rope bunny and being tamed... I love when others show dominance as well, like spanking and punishments, all things that come along with taming.

Also, I'll be playing my main character, Chiyo. He has pink hair and smooth perfect skin. I can play him in different forms as well, like if your things succubus' or feline he can be altered.

Under construction

/ᐠ –ꞈ –ᐟ By the way, I like long term.

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