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(joe smith)
31 / Male / Single
I will start to delete everyone that is more than 3 days without replying, nothing personal but I will just keep active members in my friends list

Latest Comments

Thank you so much for defending me, you didn't actually have to. I appreciate the good friend that you are, thank you again.
Nov 23rd 2021 23:25

yeah sure, hahahah
Nov 21st 2021 14:28

I think I remember some things...I think haha! Slightly, yeah but it's still visible in some spots which irritates me a bit since it's such a pretty dress to be ruined.
Nov 21st 2021 14:12

will get to it right now, alright
Nov 19th 2021 17:26

oh woah the week did go by so quickly...glad to see you're fine! can't wait
Nov 19th 2021 17:02

hey there friend...everything's fine, how about you?
Nov 19th 2021 16:47

you are welcome! so are you...that's what friends are for right?
Nov 14th 2021 16:45

you always look great in every way possible...without the need to try ha
Nov 14th 2021 16:29

Then you'll have to look your best for me too haha! (Not seriously lol)
Nov 14th 2021 16:20

Lovely,all is good with me and sure it can be if you want.
Nov 14th 2021 15:34