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UndeadPoet's Blog

Who I will play

This is all listed by preference, Top of the list I am more willing to play than bottom of the list

[ Stranger Things {All Seasons} ]
Eddie Munson
Steve Harrington
Mike Wheeler
Max Mayfield
Billy Hargrove
Robin Buckley

[ Homestuck ]
Dirk Strider
Dave Strider
Mituna Captor
Jake English
June / John Egbert
{and many others, way too many to list}

[ BFTD {including this is not romance} ]
Farz Murphy
Lawrence Oleander
Ren Hana
{and others just ask}

[ IT ]
Richie Tozier
Connor Bowers
Eddie Kasbrak
Beverly Marsh
Stanely Uris
Neibolt! Richie
{and others}

As for any other fandoms please ask before hand! Thank you
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Full Name: Jesiah Elizabeth Lovette
Nicknames: Jes
Age: Depends on roleplay
Gender: [FTM] Male
Sexuality: Queer / MLM
Birthday: 4/14
Species: Human
Powers: N/A
Ethnicity: Mexican
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English


Height: 5'10
Weight: 163 LBS
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Greyish/Blueish
Skin Color: Pale Ivory
Type of teeth(Normal, fangs,etc): Generally normal, Sharp canines
Body Shape: Boxy and slim
Additional Notes: He has the type of body many would describe as [skin and bones]


First Impression: At first he seems quite self reserved, Pushed aback from others and well.. A social outcast to the generalized eye.
Once you get to know them: He is quite nice, he is very caring once you get to know him and often goes out of his ways to show his appreciation of his friends and loved ones.
Default Expression: He has a resting bitch face
Extrovert, Introvert, or Ambivert?: Ambivert
Alignment(lawful evil, chaotic good, etc): Chaotic Good
Habits: Biting his nails, Smoking
Fears: Being left alone, Abandonment


Head-Canon Voice: Clem Turner
Accent: N/A
Do they parrot people? (repeat phrases other people say): Whenever confused yes
Swearing?: Very often
Do they think before they speak?: No
Do they worry about accidentally offending someone with their words?: Yes
Movement while speaking (hand gestures etc): Yes


Past Relationships: Multiple exe's that have not worked out
Current Relationships: Depends on roleplay
Hometown: Harrisburg PA
Current Residence: depends on rp
Room/Housemates: depends on rp
Health: [Mental] Not the best but he is working on it often [Physical] Same as mental
Current Life: depends on rp


Favorite Food: Chicken Ramen
Favorite Animal: Koala's
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie Genre: Horror
Favorite Book Genre: Fantasy
Favorite Style of Music: Indie
Hobbies: Drawing / Playing instruments


Song that fits character's personality: My alcoholic friends
Typical Hours of Sleep: 5 a night
Zodiac: Aries
Other: N/A
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