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(Isabelle Lightwood )
23 / Female / Single
Massachusetts - United States
Once a Shadowhunter, turned to the mother of Demons after killing Lilith. Edom was not destroyed and Isabelle is forced to spend her life there in pain and suffering. Though Isabelle now has all the powers that Lilith did.

Immortality: As a Greater Demon, Lilith's age stretches across eons; she does not age nor will she ever die of natural causes or disease.

Mind control: Lilith is able to bend mundanes to her will and can command from them their blind loyalty and love for her. Her ability to do so is powerful enough that she can put even a Shadowhunter—at least one susceptible like Jace Herondale—under her control. However, she can only control Jace when he is asleep, and she is unable to completely command him due to his love for another.
Necromancy: Lilith is capable of conducting a ritual designed to revive the dead. The ritual itself is extremely dangerous, difficult, and takes a long time to be enacted fully.

Magic: As a Greater Demon, Lilith is capable of harnessing and utilizing demonic magic for a variety of purposes. She and Asmodeus are two of the few Greater Demons powerful enough to corrupt the ley lines with demonic energy. She is also capable of extracting a portion of a person's soul.
Shape-shifting: Lilith has a winged, demonic form. She is also able to take on the appearance of an ordinary human while on Earth that even experienced warlocks cannot see through.

Clairsentience: Lilith is psychically linked to the demons she employs and feels the pain from the destruction of these demons.

Flight: In her true form, Lilith is able to fly.

Super strength: In her demon form, Lilith is strong enough to punch through someone's chest and even armor with one hand.

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