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23 / Female / Married
I'm looking for long-term rps with creative playpartners.
Please check my blog before sending me a request ❣

Character development | dark story brightened with humor | Action | Fantasy | Mystery | Psychological | End time | Drama, but no melodrama! | Survival | Violence (according to the plot much or little) | Little bit of fluff | Well placed and detailed hentai | Romance, which develops over more than 100 pages | NPCs | Surprises | when the characters become independent | Constructive criticism | Plotting | I prefer to describe locations without pictures

focus on romance, too early or fast development | To take your character too serious | The absence of plot, character depth or response capabilities | If one does not read correctly before answering, or summing too much up | Constant monologues | Agreements on reactions to create a situation | Force situations | No input | Not to announce absence over 1 week | Pester to post | Rps as pastoral care | burden yourself with more rps than you can meet | let it grind instead of addressing problems

Latest Status

Uh... was invited by my dance practice partner to join him to a 50ies Party that includes larp. I have to make a character for a class reunion, that will add fun, drama and plot .o.
0  Jan 17th 2019 05:51

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