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(Tyler Daniels)
30 / Male / Single
California - United States
I have been described as a lot of things. Spoiled, arrogant, c*cky, and a bit of an dick. Honestly for the most part that's correct, its hard not to be when you have lived the life I have. My father was a very successful man and I mean VERY successful. My dad had a real estate Empire. I remember by the time I was 15 he had made it onto the fountain 500. I had never seen him happier then on that day! He was a good man, if not a bit distant at times but I knew he loved me. My mother wasn't really in my life. After I was born she kind of just left. It was just me my dad and a bunch of nannies growing up. But I woudn't change any of it, my life has f***ing kicked ass!

The only part that sucked is when my dad died, He was on a business trip to China when his plane crashed. I honestly didn't beleave it actually happend till the day I was made President of the company he worked so hard to build. Now my days consist of paper work and meetings and a lot less partying and drinking but that might be a good thing! However I can still raise some hell if your down, if you are don't be afraid to hit me up!

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Sweet dreams love!!!
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