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(Tuesday "SweeTea" Black)
37 / Female / Single and Looking
St Louis , Missouri - United States
I been doing this thang for the last 20 years! Expectations are high, yet never impossible.♡

Welcome to the playground!

Player's Paradise...... is the name of my art gallery/nightclub. I also own galleries in STL Miami, L. A. & NYC. My place will always be a safe space. All are welcomed. I throw events for established artists of all kinds that need a place to showcase their craft. I don't believe in cheating people! Never have. I only deal real. I'm the embodiment of RIDE OR DIE. Dominance isn't something I wear like an article of clothing. Its woven into my D.N.A. pasted with blood sweat and tears. I'm a strong independent woman, intimidation only scares the faint of heart. Only the strong will survive on these streets

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Bored as hell! None of my stories are live. This is the most boring day ever!
Mood: bored
1  Oct 1st 2022 14:14

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We most certainly have much to be discuss. We shall pick back up shortly.
Sep 24th 2022 11:32

Well, hello there Miss Black. I hope all has been well. As for me, I’m not one to complain.. Life has been bittersweet.
Sep 22nd 2022 11:35

Yeah me too because it's going to be really akwa4d otherise
Jul 22nd 2022 16:52

Yeah I'm not sure what happened it was fine yesterday
Jul 22nd 2022 16:36

Dang well my switch and ki sleep aren't charging so going to try and find out what happened tomrrow
Jul 22nd 2022 16:26

Jokes and all aside I felt like I.was going to faint it was 40 something in malta
Jul 22nd 2022 15:15

Lol like a hole in my head.
Jul 21st 2022 17:14

I miss you as well London is OK shame my mum had to return lol
Jul 21st 2022 16:34

I'm OK just chilling 8n malta
Jul 21st 2022 14:16

Ay home girl
Jul 21st 2022 03:29