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(Kaori Kiyoshi >~> )
18 / Female / Single
Tsundere Service centre, Japan
//Hi, Admin over here,I'm Leah.Here's my Oc,Kaori/Kuro.Introduce yourself!

❛ Why should I act so prim & proper for random guys and girls? Why should we even have to say that sh*t before we start sessions?❜

// pft...Because,You're so headstrong about being a tsundere

❛ Don't Call me a Tsundere..You baka!❜

// Ugh fine lol.Well atleast for the sake of your love for me,introduce yourself!

❛ Who said I liked you? You think that just because I have to do this that I have to listen to you?❜

// Yeah,you must listen to me or else *rate-18 content*

❛ N-No,Dont touch me there,You p-pervert!❜

//Your eyes were asking for it

❛ Tch,Idiot.I'm not some needy,begging submissive,alright?❜

//Yeah sure,How about I spill your secrets of *whispers*?

❛W-Wait..S-Sto-- Ugh fine,You win,you win..Whatever,I'll listen to you!!❜

//^this is basically me harassing my Oc

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//I'm a woman of culture :v but...
What kind of uncultured swine thinks that Giorno's theme is from Tiktok?!
Mood: cultured
10  Jun 24th 2020 09:53

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Toxicity asked the question
Q. You wanna know the cute person that hoots like an owl?
A. I do wanna know! ^^
 Jul 2nd 2020 12:42

Q. Cuddles or cuddles? ^-^
A. Difficult..! I'll go with the 3rd one >~<
 Jul 2nd 2020 06:13

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Did you forget about me ?
Jul 3rd 2020 01:21

Leah c: <3
Jul 1st 2020 10:02

Please message me when u r on
Jun 15th 2020 08:49

pat pat
Jun 12th 2020 14:19

Waves good bai
Jun 9th 2020 20:17