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(Charlotte Rose)
19 / Female / Single
Tulsa, Oklahoma - United States
Hello! Welcome to my profile! I am a 18 year old girl that loves to roleplay! I'll be at your service anytime and my replies will be super fast, I also love true crime, fantasy and slice of life! (Fantasy and Slice of life is my favorite) so I love to roleplay about that also but of course I do all genres! if any of these interest you, feel free to text me anytime! <3 I also have no rules but please don't ghost from the roleplay, i've had that happen to many times and it's annoying and please be nice. I've had people go off at me for no reason so please don't be a baka! So if you don't like the rp or your bored. Tell me and we can discuss another or something else! And please write 6 lines minimum! Okay thank you for reading this! You are loved! ^^

Also I'm always on here 24/7 so if I go afk or brb that means i'm doing something extremely important but I barely go anywhere, just feel like I had to say that. Okay bye now! Kisses!

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Hello there
Jul 4th 2021 09:06

You hate me and idk why xc
Jun 13th 2021 17:58

Hi ty for adding me!

A little heads up I don’t do one liners and I’m not a dom. Ty for reading hope you understand. *hugs*
Apr 24th 2021 01:41

Hello there
Apr 10th 2021 23:16