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20 / Other / Forever Alone
Milwaukee, ... - United States
Hello, thanks for taking time to read this stuff! I am an account with themes that will move around and change constantly. I sometimes make my theme one of my OCs, but not always..
I like jokes and memes. It's easy to make me laugh, and if you can make me laugh we will probably become awesome friends!

Also, read my rules and comment your favorite anime/cartoon/book character on my rules blog. If you said you read them but their is no comment, I know you lyin'

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Discord: TrashBaby#9502

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So I want to make a character that is a buff woman who's also very l*wd in personality, but I don't think I should post her so like this is you think I should post her info
0  1 hour ago

Latest Questions

Q. Hey how are you?. I am worried about you.. *Sigh*
A. Hey, I'm alright! How about you? You don't need to worry, I've just been busy with school and work, they're very tiring when done at the same time.
 Jan 23rd 2023 11:56

Q. Hey is your Discord still Cursedcat? I have send ya something!
A. Yep, my discord is still Cursed cat and I just responed to you on there!
 Dec 16th 2022 06:24

Latest Comments

Happy b-day
Feb 1st 2023 09:26

Greetings! I just wanted to give a lovely formality and well.. greeting! Can't wait to talk to you some more or perhaps create something together! Godspeed!
Jan 25th 2023 01:48

I can confidently say that I've never been jump scared by a Profile Pic change as much as I have now. Trash panda 10/10
Jan 9th 2023 18:53

"Happy new year my love" ~❤
Jan 2nd 2023 09:44

"Tobi! Wanna build a snow man? Beauty want a snowman"
Dec 14th 2022 12:22

Nov 23rd 2022 13:40

*笑い始めた* "Watashi o yurush*te. Shikashi, anata wa hone nashi no piza de itsumo sore o motte imasu. Watashi wa sore ni tsuite nanika shinakereba narimasendesh*ta."
Sep 5th 2022 05:26

That's why boneless pizza/Hone nashi piza
Sep 5th 2022 05:15

You're a super cool Roleplay partner! And I'm super glad to have the ability to create our various Rp's together! :)
Aug 28th 2022 16:33