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(Nate Holand)
28 / Male / Single
Arizona - United States
Hey folks! Just getting everything ready for some fun. Just a heads up I’m open to many many fandoms with a wide wish list of lovely female characters I’m looking for ;)

(Nate Holand-Hey, there the name is Nate Holand...bounty hunter and smuggler for hire. I’m what you would call a space cowboy, but let’s just ditch the cow part. I’ve spent the better half of the last 5 years searching for the remains of the legendary millennium falcon. Some say, it still makes its paths in the galaxy with a Jedi now in its possession, others say its scrap lurking in the rubbles of space dust. But, me...I’m a dreamer and I will have that ship!)

(Nate is looking to ship with Rey with other female characters along the way) mature rp ;)

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Seeking a cristine rotenberg
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