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27 / Female / Single
New York - United States
Hiya! =^^= thanks for coming by and reading my profile!
I am looking for a serious long term role play! Role playing and writing are a big escape for me and I am looking to unlock some more stories! I can’t rp on here but I do have a kik and a discord! If you are interested please message my discord at torturedtravelerx6#6751 I have been roleplaying for 10 years or so and I’m always up to create new stories and new worlds!

I don’t do sm*t roleplays or roleplays with females.. I am sorry. I love medieval, anime, fantasy, horror, romance, magic, Vikings, cyberpunk, and modern roleplays! I am highly flexible and eager to write something magical with you!

Oh! I almost forgot. I would like to discuss something first so please don’t just go off the bat and send me something. I am rather laid back kind of person so I am very go with the flow. If you have ANY questions please please feel free to ask!

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