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Tookish_Nonsense's Blog

Lugach Silverstring [Character Bio]

Lugach is a spirited Hobbit who entered the world in the tranquil town of Stock, nestled in the picturesque region of Buckland along the meandering Brandywine River. As the cherished only child of her parents, Lugach grew up immersed in the rhythms of farm life, diligently assisting them in the care of their precious flock of sheep. Her father, Hatgach, recognized the importance of passing down their family's traditional occupation and took it upon himself to educate Lugach in the art of ropemaking.

But Lugach's talents extended far beyond the confines of the farm. She possessed a remarkable knack for knitting, creating intricate garments with delicate stitches. Cross-stitching was yet another skill she mastered, adorning her clothes with vibrant patterns and lending a touch of her own creativity to everything she touched. And when it came to baking, Lugach had a natural flair for crafting mouthwatering desserts that delighted the taste buds of her family and friends.

Yet, Lugach's spirit craved more than the routine of farm life. She yearned for adventure and exploration, a desire that often set her apart from her more contented Hobbit peers. While others were content to remain within the familiar boundaries of the Shire, Lugach's heart stirred with wanderlust and a thirst for new experiences.

Tragedy struck when Lugach tragically lost both her parents, leaving her to shoulder the weight of their legacy and the responsibility of sustaining the family farm. Determined to preserve their memory and make ends meet, Lugach toiled tirelessly, pouring her heart and soul into the land she loved. But as the demands grew and the weight of her responsibilities threatened to overwhelm her, Lugach made a life-altering decision.

With a heavy heart, she bid farewell to the farm she had nurtured and the sheep that had been her companions. Lugach sold her flock and packed her meager belongings into a worn backpack, embarking on a journey beyond the borders of her familiar homeland. While she claimed it was a simple relocation, her true intention was to seek solace and adventure in distant lands, far away from the confines of the Shire.
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[About Me]

Just some information about me for those who are interested! Feel free to ask questions, I'll be more than happy to answer!

✧*̥˚ Basic Info*̥˚✧
⭐Name(s) - Pippin (Pip for short)
⭐Pronouns - She/Her (cisfem)
⭐Age - 21 y/o
⭐Orientation - Panromantic Demisexual (Pan+Demi)
⭐Relationship Status - Taken (Married to ale)
⭐Likes - Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, The Smiths, Fall Out Boy, Lemon Demon, cats, hobbitcore aesthetic, musicals
⭐Fun Facts- I'm in university studying for an English degree, Dominic Monaghan is my celebrity crush, I have a 3 y/o orange tabby cat named Richard, I love the hobbits (they are so silly :3)

✧*̥˚ Roleplay Info*̥˚✧
⭐Character(s) - Original characters (Masterlist:
⭐Setting(s) - Depends on character(s) used
⭐Types of Roleplay - Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Action
⭐Experience - 7 or 8 years

✧*̥˚ Roleplay Rules*̥˚✧
⭐18+ users only
⭐Smut/NSFW is not allowed
⭐Paragraph to Novella replies required
⭐Try and be active. If something happens, please inform me! I swear that I won't get mad :)
⭐Any relationships are to be slow burn (no jumping straight into it!)
⭐My preference is to move the rp to Discord, as that's easier for me to use.
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Kingsly Moonflower [Character Bio]

Kingsly Moonflower is a 19 year old elf and the childhood best friend of the wealthy Edar Lightwood (though, Kingsly is not wealthy in the slightest). He's mostly quiet, but can be very soft-spoken with an elegant/educated way of speaking when he feels like he has to talk (though his voice has a small hint of a scratch to it). Usually, his interactions are shakes of his head or waves of his hands, but it's not entirely because he's shy. Mostly, he just doesn't feel like speaking is very important.
He's very attached to Edar, despite the rich elf's self absorbed attitude and backhanded compliments. Kingsly still finds his presence to be comforting, regardless of what insults are thrown at him. He's also fond of Rolden Ironwood, but not out of romantic interest or friendship. Rather, he finds the half-giant/half-elf to be quite impressive and considers him the most well-known swordsman in the town, of which is partially true.

Kingsly is an inch or two under average height with fair skin and a cute, slightly pudgy build (of which he is self conscious over since many elves find that to be imperfect). His hair is of medium length and is half black (left side) and half white (right side), of which he was born with. His eyes are a gentle shade of pale blue and he commonly likes to paint colorful dots on his cheeks simply because of how much he loves colorful things. He quite likes red, yellow, blue, and green, and has a very small collection of sparkly, colorful rocks that he hides. He identifies as panromantic demisexual.
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[Character Bio Masterlist]

A collection of all my characters that I've written bios for. I plan to keep this updated as much as possible, as this makes it much easier to choose characters.

✧*̥˚ Original Characters (Non-Fandom)*̥˚✧

Rolden Ironwood - Half-Giant/Half-Elf -

Piper Moriah - Elf -

Rochelle Moriah - Elf -

✧*̥˚ Original Characters (Fandom)*̥˚✧

Lua Silverstring - Hobbit - Lord of The Rings -

Lugach Silverstring - Hobbit - The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings -

✧*̥˚ Character Bin (Not Used For Now)*̥˚✧

Kingsly Moonflower - Elf -

Edar Lightwood - Elf -
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Lua Silverstring [Character Bio]

Lua, a Hobbit, was born to Lugach Silverstring and an unknown male Hobbit. Tragically, Lua's mother passed away due to complications during childbirth, leaving her in the care of Tindir Anar, a grumpy but well-meaning elf residing in Rivendell. Driven by a desire to secure Lua a loving and nurturing family, Tindir embarked on a quest to find the perfect parents to raise her.
It was during this quest that Tindir's attention fell upon Mittanea and her husband Attaged, a human couple hailing from Rohan. Having already experienced the joy of parenthood with the birth of their son, Attan, a year and a half prior, Tindir believed they possessed the capacity to provide Lua with a warm and supportive home. Recognizing their love and devotion, Tindir orchestrated Lua's adoption into the caring arms of Mittanea and Attaged.
Lua's new parents, thrilled to welcome her into their family, later celebrated the arrival of another son, Mittaged, a year after Lua's adoption. Together, they formed a harmonious and loving family unit, keeping Lua's real race a secret and forging tight bonds with one another.
This secret, however, led her to believe that she was of the race of Men, much like her family. Yearning to emulate her brothers, Lua's parents allowed her to pursue sword fighting. She displayed remarkable skill in the art and continued to hone her swordsmanship into adulthood. However, as her brothers grew taller and stronger, Lua remained small in stature, which filled her with a mixture of anger and jealousy. Instead of conforming to the traditional image of a woman of the race of Men, Lua found herself burdened with an unconventional physical trait: a thick growth of fur on the tops of her feet, extending from the ankle downwards.
Disgusted by her resemblance to a Hobbit (of whom she deemed all to be lazy, useless, weak, and sheltered), Lua took matters into her own hands. Determined to appear more like the Men she admired, she resorted to a drastic and self-destructive measure. Using a knife, she would meticulously remove the hair from her feet, painstakingly ensuring that it would not regrow. The process was agonizing, but she found solace in the outcome, even though it left her with conspicuous scars marking the tops of her feet.
Lua's desperate pursuit of an appearance more aligned with her perception of Men reflects her strong desire to distance herself from the Hobbit race and its associated stereotypes. Despite the physical pain and emotional turmoil she endures, Lua is resolute in her pursuit of a self-image that she believes better aligns with her true identity.

Lua stands at 3ft 3in (99.06 cm) tall with long, curly, and unruly black hair. Lua has a fair complexion, not excessively pale but rather an average tone with subtle pink undertones. Her facial features include slightly rounded cheeks that add a touch of softness to her appearance. While her jawline has a very slight squared shape, she maintains a feminine aesthetic. Lua's eyes are one of her most striking features, perfectly round in shape with a vivid emerald green color that seems to sparkle in the light, framed by thick, dark lashes.
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