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16 / Female / Single
Cool Kid Town, Oklahoma - United States
Hello! My name is Tommy.
I roleplay for fun and for development with my characters.
I do romance roleplays mostly, any gender or race, species, etc. I love making OCs AND fandom roleplays.
I do sm*t roleplays as well.

My original characters/ideas will be posted in my blog!!



Latest Questions

Q. Did I do better in making Jack more realistic or do you still think he's out there?
A. I did notice that it got slightly better, but it seemed unnatural when an entire paragraph was him explaining something. It became awkward writing and run-on sentences.
 Jun 15th 2019 18:26

Q. Shall we continue our RP? Also, any critiques for me in our roleplay?
A. Hi! Yes, sorry I haven't replied enough. And you're doing pretty good for me, but the reactions of Jack can be a little over-zealous and a tad unrealistic for him. But a pleasant writing style!
 Jun 14th 2019 10:36

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Jun 15th 2019 18:53