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(Himiko Toga)
29 / Female / In a Relationship
Share your Blood and I might share my Heart. <3

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Come on, Dabi. Just one bite, pleeeeease?!
Mood: hungry
8  Feb 3rd 2023 04:34

Latest Questions

Q. You're mine you understand that right?
A. Toga latches onto his arm and looks up at him, smiling warmly. "Yeah, I do."
 Dec 15th 2022 02:57

Q. "You ain't allowed to share your heart out, you know that right? I have your heart in my hands, and it's all mine~"
A. Her amber eyes glance at the blue flame user from the corner of her eye as the corner of her mouth lifts, forming a sly smirk. "Oh?"
 Nov 28th 2022 15:28

Latest Comments

Thanks Toga :)
Dec 29th 2022 05:33

Oct 24th 2022 15:05

It be a ghosty boo?
May 25th 2022 04:07

How dare you boo me
May 25th 2022 03:49

Very pretty outfit you have! Do you have another that I can wear?
Apr 18th 2022 23:09

*hug back*
Mar 25th 2022 13:41

I missed you too Himi-chan. Hopefully we can meet again ^^
Mar 23rd 2022 18:19

aweee thats my girl toga :)
Mar 7th 2022 11:09

Mar 7th 2022 02:40