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After the experience at Ez's club, he disappeared for a few days. The fact that he disappears without any track, that he has no house and nobody meets him anywhere outside these "official" situations somewhat enforces the convinction of the common folk that he might really be Rex Lapis, after all.

He decided that from now on, he will appear less and in more impressive ways, to cultivate his reputation, at least among those who are ignorant enough to believe him.
That same morning, he appeared catching a thief who was robbing a woman. He promptly returned the property to her and scared the sh*t out of the thief with some.of his alchemical tricks, that are basically mini fireworks that make big noises, light and smoke, but without cool effects.

After that, he somewhat ends up taking part to a fan meeting in the middle of the main square, with a Q&A about Khaenri'ah. Many people got to hear about that from the fliers some unknown source has been spreading in the city and they want answers.
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1 | 16 Comments | May 25th 2023 07:01

RLp beta test.

In the centre of Guiji, a little crowd is gathered around something. There are so many people that's it's hard to figure out what attracted them, without getting close.
But the situation is much weirder than what it could appear, for the people aren't being the audience of a particularly skilled or crazy artist… they are surrounding Rex Lapis!!

The scammers who said they were gathering money to build a palace to Rex Lapis managed to trick quite some people. And now, apparently, "Rex Lapis" took action, punished those evil doers and is currently handing the money back to the people. Well, a part of it. XD
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1 | 49 Comments | May 19th 2023 05:53


The other day, he eavesdropped most of the conversation between LanJi and TiShan, mostly for what concerned WonPil. He knew that he wasn't faring so well, economically, but he didn't think he reached the point to get debts from people. That bothers and worries him at the same time, as he can't know all the people WonPil owes to.
He decided that it's time to stop, to put the old-sh*t mask aside for some minutes and have a serious conversation with his adoptive grandson.

Since he doesn't know how to go to Shiinden and certainly can't, the only place where he could approach WonPil for a private conversation is the new house.
He literally waits a few hours around there for the Ming to leave, before to finally being able to approach. It's true that there were some situations between him and the Ming, which involved his capture, but that was when Soohyeon took WonPil away and they were desperate to find him.

When he reaches WonPil inside, he is horrified to find out that he is not alone, bit Mochi is with him. He can't tell whether he is a Ming, though, since he isn't dressed as one.
Anyhow, he calls WonPil aside, whom reluctantly accepts to follow him outside.

YunFei has two main things to tell him, that he puts on this way:

1) «I know that it turns out I am not your real grandfather, everyone knows. I can't tell that I didn't have that suspect, knowing of what my son had done, decades ago. But that doesn't change the fact that your arrival in my life was… the best thing that has happened to me in the last few centuries…
I am aware that my father and your father's father were brothers, which makes me and him cousins. I may not be your real grandfather, but I'm an uncle, nonetheless. We have a family bond, you are Ming as much as you are Luo.
I also know that SooHyeon kidnapped you and ruined most of your life. Your father's too… hence, the very least I could do to make up for the troubles my son caused to you all is to compensate economically. I am going to cover for all of your debts and for the further costs connected to this house. It's where my great-grandchildren will have to live, as much as my grandson, or nephew if you prefer, and I want it to be perfect.»

2) «You have to stop working in the North. I get it, you like it there and you like the Riddle, but you can't continue to spend so much time away from your children. You are even going to get more, who is going to raise them, if you spend your whole day in Thylum? You can't continue to let TiShan live as if he was his brothers' second parent! You don't even receive a pay high enough to justify it, it's not a good job, it's an average job! It's a job for a woman whose husband earns decently already, at most!
Tell Mr Riddle that you quit. Next week you come with me. I've been needing an assistant all my life, on Monday you'll sign your contract. And I don't want to hear a breath, you will do as I say, this time!»
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0 | 42 Comments | Nov 30th 2021 14:59

Brag. Always. Hard.

If there is a feature Luo have been famous for, beside being bottoms, throughout the centuries is their endless desire to brag about everything, especially their richness. Although they aren't in the top three richest dynasties, they are still immensely rich, especially now that there is just so few of them left.

Now. He suddenly pays a surprise visit to WonPil's apartment in the evening, when he is sure to find him back from work. He explains his grandson, and the great-grandchildren about a matter that involves the pride of their dynasty and he is especially sensitive about. He covers WonPil in warnings, being especially precise regarding the need to spend an appropriately huge sum of money, YunFei's, clearly.
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1 | 35 Comments | Sep 16th 2021 14:56

Dinner 2.

And even that evening's plans for TiHao and WonPil get ruined, as another huge dinner in the garden is organised to celebrate the arrival of HyunKi and Myung. Liziqi and Ah couldn't miss the chance to cook for 200 again, also since the holiday is almost up for some of them.

Usual place, usual time. Suggested not to eat food for at least 12 hours.
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1 | 43 Comments | Jun 22nd 2020 11:42