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17 / Male / Single
California - United States
Ive been here before. It's been a while though. Glad to be back.

I'm not a sad person so my characters won't be depressed the majority of the rp. Though my profile pic may look it. I chooses it cause it's aesthetically pleasing. My characters are more angry and destructive

I hope to make great stories with everyone! I mostly due BxB rps though. If your not into that I'm into brother rps ((NOT incestual, just regular brotherly love like normal human beings))

Anyway I'm literate so I can type up to 5-7 maybe more paragraphs if you want me to. I can do less if that's to much.

No incest or underage romances

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I was taking a nap right? Well I had a dream about Tom Holland and now I'm upset I woke up!
Mood: unhappy
0  Feb 11th 2019 22:42

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