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ThyLipsAreToxic's Blog

❀Taste of the poisonous paradise❀

❀Potential ships❀

❀Billie Kay.*
❀Sasha Banks.
❀Liv Morgan.*
❀Alexa Bliss.
❀Rhea Ripley.
❀Toni Storm.*

❀Shawn Spears/Tye Dillinger.*
❀Finn Bálor.*
❀Seth Rollins.

Or really heavy chem if character is not one of the ones listed above. (OC’s that have the face claims of the selection above will be included)

*~ indicates the characters Peyton is more interested in shipping with.
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❀Clear the toxicity❀

❀Will only accept wrestling accounts, that includes OC’s.

❀Toxicity is not tolerated. Cause any drama and you’ll be gone.

❀Our characters must have heavy chemistry if we are to ship.

❀Literate and descriptive writing is a must.

❀No one liners.

❀Para/Multipara writer, won’t settle for anything too short or too long.

❀Not into any kink accounts! That’s not my cuppa at all love.
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