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Nikki Bella.

Longest reigning Divas Champ.

~Wrestling AU (This Nikki never retired)
~Not new to this site.
~Not new to Nikki.
~Looking for connections.
~Literate roleplayer.
~Drama free zone.
~Friendly admin.

“I’m dangerous and fearless with or without Brie being around.”

@SheIsJustFearless @SheIsJustFearless
1  Feb 25th 2021 11:41

Latest Questions

Q. “Pey Pey!”
A. Peyton grimaced at Lacey’s shrilled voice. “...”
 Feb 24th 2021 13:43

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. “Thanks for the heads up love, but I kinda already knew that.”
 Feb 22nd 2021 23:04

Latest Comments

"Yeah, no worries"
Feb 24th 2021 15:14

"Pey, sorry about before was in a bad mood.. Wanna hang out?"
Feb 24th 2021 15:08

“Grow up Peyton.”
Feb 24th 2021 06:37