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19 / Male / Its Complicated
Wonderland, United States
~Admin Stuff~
Hey, I've been roleplaying for quite a while now.I love roleplaying, I love talking and meeting people, making connections and having fun with it. I only do boyxboy roleplays. I have some oc's but I like using cannon charecters for the most part. My favorite ships are~

-Stucky (Bucky/Steve)
-Thorki (Thor/Loki, cautiously, mostly only in AU's)
-Frostiron (Loki/Tony)
-Clintasha (Clint/Natasha, though I don't roleplay it, but we can fangirl/boy over it together :)

-Destiel (Dean/Cas)

Political Animals-
-Tj/male oc's

I have more fandoms I am in and if you have any other ships feel free to ask, we could also just use OC's. Our roleplay DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ROMANTIC either, we could have a different kind of plot, just discuss it with me.

Please read my rules, they are in my blog, along with my OC's.

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Hello. :)
Thank you for accepting.
Feb 10th 2019 14:52

Hello thank you for accepting my friend request I look forward to starting an RP with you soon ^_^
Oct 27th 2018 19:44

My messaging is not working. Hello. How are you?
May 31st 2018 22:04

Just saying hello
Jul 18th 2016 17:51

I posted an idea to stream, that's if you wanted to try it
Jul 14th 2016 22:02

Hey. I know your probably really busy, but I just want to give you the gentle reminder that it's your turn.
Jul 12th 2016 16:56

Everything okay?
Jul 10th 2016 13:11

which account is affected by this issue?
Jul 9th 2016 16:41

Discuss? Sorry if I'm bothering
Jul 6th 2016 01:26

I really hate to be a pest, and I know you are likely busy, I would really appreciate it if you responded.
Jun 20th 2016 13:31