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31 / Male / Single
New Jersey - United States
I'm going to keep this as simple as I can...

Want someone who can swoop in like a knight in shining armor, sweep you off your feet, and commit to a very serious (and seemingly nonsensical) rp relationship within a few messages? Please, look elseware.

Trying to find your own personal "Mr. Grey"? See that button up top there that let's you browse other profiles? Go ahead and click it.

Now with that being said. Would you like a partner who offers lengthy, well thought out, posts? Stories that have interweaving plot lines with plenty of character progression to match? Then please, click that message button and let's get started!

Just a few things before we get going...

Please be 18+

Romance isn't a complete no, in fact i enjoy it as a sub plot in any story, but I expect our characters to build a relationship, not just fall in love at first sight.

I'm a selective adder, therefore please take it as a personal promise that I will completely review your profile before requesting or adding. (dun dun dunnnnn!!! Who ever heard of a male role player whose selective about his partners? I know right!? What a d*ck...)

Honestly, I'm not that much of an ass, I just know what I'm looking for. Feel free to drop me a line.

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"Lannisters always pay their debts. Even the bastards..."

Mood: adventurous
2  Apr 10th 2019 09:24

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Q. || Psst.... Did you know you're awesome? Just wanted to remind you. =)
A. I know, don't worry. But thanks for saying it anyway. ;)
 Jan 27th 2019 23:31

Q. || Just shooting a message, sending ya love! <3
A. Xoxo
 Aug 31st 2018 18:54

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Hope you're doing well! Don't forget about me now when your muse is back up and running full speed. :)
Feb 23rd 2019 23:56

Hey. I love you.
Hope you’re feeling better. <3
Dec 23rd 2018 09:01

|| *tackle hugs* I MISS YOU. Check your inbox ;)
Nov 18th 2018 17:35

xD Nah. You know I adore you. <3
Nov 13th 2018 18:21

|| You trying to boost my ego with all those heart notifications I got? :P
Nov 13th 2018 18:15

I see you stalking. ;)
Nov 13th 2018 18:13

|| Don't hate me for what's going to happen to Barbara in some future status posts.... *smiles innocently*
Oct 14th 2018 23:45


Don't mind me... Just dropping off a friendly reminder of how awesome you are! :)
Sep 20th 2018 14:03

Thank you for sending me a friend request
Sep 10th 2018 19:45

Eh, I do what I can. :P
Sep 10th 2018 11:14