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Thelittleone's Blog



full name

Lizzy Owens

gender identity


birthday / star sign


place of birth

The forest

nationality / ethnicity





Bi with a male lean

general looks

Blue hair, very plale white skin, white tails (she has multiple), and yellow eyes.


She normally wears short skirts and crop tops. So very revealing clothing.

distinguished features

She doesnt really have any.





Shy at first, then once you get to know her shes really playfully and fun. Shes a bit lazy but happy to cook for you always.


good: Always using manners, always making sure the people she loves is safe, always good at respecting peoples triggers.

bad: She doesnt understand personal space, she doesnt know when shes being too loud, she is a bit touchy. Shes always hugging someone.

likes and dislikes

likes: Food, friends, parties, singing, cooking.

dislikes: Cleaning, being yelled at, and being tired.

Her picture is up in my photos in the album called "charters" the caption should say "Lizzy"

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Rules, limits, etc.

1. Never come to me in character
2. Never control my character
3. Never start off a chat with "smut?" Or "would you like yo do a n*fw roleplay." Never start a conversation like that, let the story bulid up to that.
4. Don't forget I have a life. I have school and 4 hours of therapy after school.
5. Don't ask for other things to chat on, unless ive known you for at least a month or two.
6. Don't come to me and make me be your pet, just dont do that.
7.Never spam me, that will get you unfriended.
8. Never send me a request more than 3 times, that will also get you blocked.
9. If you dont reply within 3 days I will message you, then if you still dont reply then i will unfriend you. Always tell me if you are busy, i will understand, I also have a life.
10. I dont roleplay with other submissive or tiny characters, i do think its weird.
11. Read my rules and once you read this, heart it, so i know you read it through.
12. Always be nice to me and others.
13. Don't ask for kinks or limits, they will be in here.
14. Make sure you always ask for consent, and understand consent can be taken at any time.
Likes: Animals, food, sleeping, cuddling, and cooking
Dislikes: Yelling, arguing, and hitting.
Kinks: ddlg, bondage, degrading, name calling, force.
Limits: Butt play, incest, feet, tickling,public stuff.

(If i think of more stuff i will be sure to add it)
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