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(Thelia Lockheart)
19 / Female / Broken Hearted
"I may be a demoness, but I am here to make friends and have fun!~♡" - Thelia Lockheart
◈About Me◈
Hello there! I'm Thelia Lockhart, your very cheerful demoness!~ Do not be fooled by that title of mine, I am no dangerous demoness unless when provoked. In fact, I haven't trained enough to control my powers, so do not worry! I am here to find a long-term roleplay with Adventure and Romance! But please do know that I am a very selective person, I add those who I am interested with. And I'm also lesbian!~ So that means I only go romantic with other female roleplayers! I hope you understand!

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Mood: sad
0  Nov 13th 2019 08:31

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