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Teiko Otsuka (OC)

>Names And Titles<
Full name: Teiko Otsuka.
Meaning of name: Teiko means "Chastity" and "Pure Child" while Otsuka means "Tomb".
Titles: None.
How they got the title: No Titles.
Nicknames: Tei.
How they got nickname: A shortened version of "Teiko".
Nickname meaning: Empire.

Tei has pale skin, and a black dragon tattoo on her back, she has black long hair in two braids, and has light pink eyes. She wears a black long shirt and a red sailor collar, with a pink bow on it, she also has a pink bow in her hair, on the left side of her head, she has a black short skirt and grey pantyhose and black loafer shoes.

Height: 5'7
Weight: 112 lbs.
Chest Size: 82 cm.

Favorite Fashion: None.
Favorite Color: Pink, Red.
Favorite Food: Onigiri.
Favorite Drink: Water...
Favorite Animal: Fox.

>Special Info/Personality<
Likes: One On One Combat, Gore, Horror, Guns, Cuddles (Secretly...), Pitbulls.
Dislikes: Makeup, Pop Music.
Hobbies: None...
Dream: To finally be free from hiding.
Addictions: Testing people.
Traits: Quiet, Bloodthirsty, Strong-Willed, Prideful, Secretive, Mysterious, Mean.
Weak Spot: Her puppy dog.
Fears: Being Loved.
Skills: Starting Fires, Shooting, Singing (Not that she does that often), All Survival Skills.

Blood Type: O Negative.
Nationality: Japanese.
Race: Human.
Gender: Female.

>Daily Life<
Breakfast: Unknown.

Lunch: Unknown.

Dinner: Unknown.
/Sleep Routine
She doesn't sleep often, however, when she does...She doesn't have a routine.

/Work And School Routine
School: None.

Work: None.

School: None.
Job: Military, Animal Shelter, Hospital, Office, Unemployed. (Depending on Roleplay)
Clubs: None.
Birthday: November 5th.
Zodiac: Scorpio.

Physical Illnesses: None.
Mental Illnesses: ...
Medications: None.
Disorders: None.

Hometown: Okinawa, Japan.
Location: Hokkaido, Japan.

Voice Actors: None.
Voice Description: Soft. UwU
Voice Reference/Example: None.

>Character Description<
Tei is a mean girl, always distancing herself from emotions. Feeling things has always made her feel weak, she hated herself for years because of her overly-emotional nature. But she hid that for so long, anytime she feels emotions, it's like she malfunctions, the only emotion she allowed herself to have for such a long time - was anger. Making her very hotheaded and mean to everyone around her, it feels like she never opens up, it's rare to see her smile, or cry, or hug someone, all because of her childhood self, wanting control over the world. She was always bullied for her lack of control over situations, and how she always cried, or got overly excited, or extremely angry, or depressed. She figured, if she controlled her emotions, she'd be able to control everything else, but she seemed to be incorrect, now her lack of emotions is disabling her, and stunting her existence, she has one thing she can NEVER control, and that's her lying skill. It's very obvious when she is hiding something, or lying. Her poker face is terrible, no matter what she does, she can never deceive anyone, although she doesn't like it, this usually makes people think she's adorable, although she does everything she can to make everyone despise and hate her.
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>Names And Titles<
Full name:
Meaning of name:
How they got the title:
How they got nickname:
Nickname meaning:

(Insert Description Here)

Chest Size:

Favorite Fashion:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Animal:

>Special Info/Personality<
Weak Spot:

Blood Type:

>Daily Life<


/Sleep Routine
(Insert Description Here)

/Work And School Routine




Physical Illnesses:
Mental Illnesses:


Voice Actors:
Voice Description:
Voice Reference/Example:

>Character Description<

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1. No god modding, my character is mine, not yours.

2. No er*t*c content, sure, if you have a character with big boobs or something, that's okay. But no ACTUAL sexual content, like, two characters having sex. That is my biggest no no.

3. Don't make your character a "senpai" where my character has to fall in love with them unless it's part of the plan, I hate it when people do that.

4. No changing my character, their age, name, past, etc, may not be edited to your ideals. I will if that's what it takes in order for our roleplay plan to work, though.

5. Please don't unexpectedly grant your character powers...GOD is that lame...

6. Please be literate, I think one-liners are okay, but not when there is more detail to go into. Okay? If I make a paragraph, and you have something that can't be explained in much detail because it's simple, that's fine, just don't do it all the time.

7. Please don't hate on my characters. I know my favorite characters are usually nut jobs and mentally ill people, but don't judge ME for that, okay?

8. Don't spell incorrectly all the time, I want you to make sense, please.

Thanks for reading. Here's a cookie for reading.
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Here. Bye.

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Celestia Ludenberg. (NOT AN OC!)