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(Alexandre Caspian)
39 / Male / Broken Hearted
Salles-la-Source, France
In the end there are two choices: life or death.
And in the middle, landslides of possibilities.
Or impossibilities, who knows?
What matters is: I'm alive.
It's what I've desired most, always and forever.

... Isn't it?

Who knows...
Maybe I'm starting to contemplate my life's worth if you're not in it,
Always and forever.
If really you must hold me, please break me, so I feel alive.
And if really you must burn me, cry every tear you can.
And mourn me.
Grieve me.
Miss me.
Beg for my return.
Because I'll never leave you alone.
One day I'll save you,
Like you saved me.
But first I'll kill you,
Like you killed me.

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