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The_Trickster's Blog

Kill or not kill?

What to do to do a work you don't want to do? Obviously get drunk, he is really arrogant and thinks that he will never loose against his brother.
After going to drink he goes to Riko's house and wait for him to return back home. He returns a little late and Zhair is already sleeping.
They have a quick speech and a short fight, Heyzo is certainly more skilled... At that point arrives Zhair and stopped them. End of everything? He convinced Heyzo to not kill him for now. Because the problem is Riko's mother.

Heyzo decide to remain to sleep there but at the Moment he is in a park near the House. (He should control them)
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1 | 23 Comments | Jul 11th 2019 16:22

Killer? A work hard but someone should do it

His work as killer is going well, he is fast and didn't leave a track so someone really important asked him to do something for a great amount of money. Usually he doesn't ask a lot about the victim but it is the first time that he has to kill someone that young and that is his stepbrother. Yeah he doesn't hate him. He asked the woman why and she answered that is because he is a son of an illegittimate relationship and for her sake he should die. Quite complicate but since the price was already high to do it he asked the double of the money.

At the moment he is on Earth he followed Riko for some hours, the fact isn't that he couldn't do it but that he feels strangely sorry... But wait didn't help him...

Riko. He had a work to do during the day and he passed all the day out, now he is returning home. He has no clue about Heyzo or he would be worried for sure.
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1 | 16 Comments | Jul 10th 2019 14:53

I'm back

Heyzo the last times feels generous, he did as a matter of fact a really strange thing, he leans money to someone... Everyone was shocked so he decided to not make them think that he changed but that he did it to earn more money.
After a week he returns to them with the intention of take back the money he gave them.
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1 | 23 Comments | May 18th 2019 08:51


He has a lot of packets for his customers, certainly the cheapest is the one possible only for men of one night with him. Instead the most expensive is 10000 golds, that means a particular venom or a strong torture.
By the way for the first work he takes only the half of the price to make people return. To kill the imperial guard he asked to Sonhyun a price of 10 golds, it is the first work and what he asked was simple.
So simple that he already did it and he is going to find him and get paid just now.
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2 | 25 Comments | Apr 24th 2019 08:27

A last desire

What would be a desire from him? Well, he had a lot of experiences during his life and now that he risks to die he has to do something he never did before. How could be hard to find a northern man? Yeah maybe a desire could be something different from what he did for all his life but he likes his life and at the same time this is the reason why he didn't tell anything to ShuJin... He has to really think about it.
He decides to go out to think a lot and maybe find some good northern...
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1 | 21 Comments | Feb 20th 2019 16:50