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Nov 21st 2021 20:20

She looked down, " I am sorry I have not replied to our roleplay at all. A person came up and... Well... You know how that can go sometimes..." She sighs softly, "I will make sure our roleplay is the first one I respond to. I am sorry again for being such a bother... "
Oct 13th 2021 23:23

Oct 6th 2021 01:28

About to head to bed
Oct 3rd 2021 02:30

Yeah. Just a bit busy.
Sep 16th 2021 19:18

Hey, sorry I've been kinda sick lately. I've been dropping in off and on
Sep 16th 2021 14:32

Yeah I’m ok why?
Sep 15th 2021 03:37

Much appreciated! ^^ ♡
Sep 13th 2021 20:10

Ahhh, sorry darling! I will get to it! I've been so caught up in life. I can be late with replies at times. ;-;
Sep 13th 2021 20:02